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Profen Group is happy to announce the success of its companies Profen Communications Technologies, Profen Defence Technologies, Satnet and ICT for its rank in ‘IT 500’, the only comprehensive research in the field of information technology based on the net sales revenue of companies in Turkey. We are especially proud of Profen Communications Technologies and Profen Defence Technologies for its outstanding performance in the system integrator field where they ranked 27 and 55 respectively. Profen Group aims to continue improving its operations and bring more prestigious results in the coming years.

Every year ‘IT 500’ presents the detailed list of the top 500 companies in Turkey’s IT sector. ‘IT 500’ ranks companies by their turnover in general and sub-categories, stating important features regarding the market.
The ranks for the system integrator sub categories are as follows:

System Integrator – Hardware System Integrator – Software System Integrator – Service
25. Profen Communications Technologies 40. Profen Communications Technologies 27. Profen Communications Technologies
41. Profen Defence Technologies 58. Profen Defence Technologies 47. Profen Defence Technologies

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