Smartscan Marlin

Key Features:
•   Small, lightweight, portable design which can be easily transported to the theatre of operation in a discreet single suitcase
•   Passive interception of Thuraya, Inmarsat and IsatPhone Pro terminals
•   Localised coverage
•   Interception of all terminals within radio line of sight
•   Interception of up to 32 calls simultaneously recording content and call related information
•   Monitoring of up to 3 spot beams to simultaneously
•   Monitoring of L-band downlinks for local spotbeamsto capture both the satellite downlink and the uplink transmission from the terminal
•   Remote operation capability
•   The GUI (Graphical User Interface) feature provides spotbeam detection & monitoring, and call content recording which displays calls in real time, playback voice calls and display fax, SMS and data transmissions via a laptop computer compatibility with other SMARTSCAN systems including IMS, TMS and ISMS

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