IsatPhone Monitoring Systems (ISMS)

ISMS offers a complete solution for the passive monitoring and interception of the IsatPhone network on both a strategic and tactical level. Using C-band and L-band monitoring, ISMS can provide national and regional coverage for the monitoring of IsatPhone, FleetPhone and LandPhone terminals.

Key Features:
•   Call informationretrieval from specific terminals of interest enable gathering vital intelligence on known targets such as the date and time of call, the numbers dialed and the call originator.The system can also provide the interception of fax and data transmissions.
•   Comprehensive investigative solutionhelps breaking down complex data and establishing inter-relationships between terminals of interest and enable actionable intelligence on developing situations.
•   Option of carrying out tactical operations by deploying Marlin systems to provide effective monitoring and interception of localized targets within radio line-of-sight.

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