Inmarsat Monitoring System (IMS)

For monitoring agencies that require a flexible, turnkey solution for monitoring the Inmarsat network, IMS enables the passive monitoring and recording of voice, fax and data communications; offering full duplex call monitoring, content extraction and optional geo-location facility to locate and track targets.

Key Features:
•   Comprehensive call monitoring provides information such as numbers dialed, start and end times, call originators, and areas contacted. This call information can be recorded.
•   Geo-location of terminals enable users to locate the position of target Inmarsat terminals and track the movements they make within the overlap area of two Inmarsat satellites.
•   Integration of call information and geo-location data from specific terminals with other information sources establishes relationship networks and investigates complex data over a wider scale. This provides vital intelligence that can help counter potential threats.
•    Option of carrying out tactical operations by using the IMS in conjunction with Marlin systems to monitor call details and content from localized targets.

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