Strategic satellite monitoring systemsenable government and security agencies to passively monitor the Thuraya, Inmarsat, IsatPhone and VSAT satellite communications networks without network interference. These solutions include data mining and tracing software, enabling the comprehensive analysis and reporting of target activities to counter threats as they arise.

Strategic satellite monitoring systems offer coverage on a regional or national scale with flexible, fully upgradeable systems that can maximize the monitoring capability. Whether the requirement is to monitor activity across an entire network, identify and locate specific terminals of interest or to intercept call content, each system can provide non-intrusive monitoring and interception throughout the life of the requirement.

A typical strategic system includes:
•   Passive monitoring capability covering an extensive geographic area
•   High performance, flexible, modular and upgradeable, solutions which provide effective monitoring of voice, fax, high-speed data links and calls
•   Site surveys, installation, testing and customer training required to provide a complete turnkey capability
•   Antenna and RF system including a C-band antenna
•   Demodulator subsystem – for the monitoring of all calls in the area covered by the main installation
•   Control and analysis subsystem – including server computers and analysis workstations with control and analysis software
•   Additional remote L-band outstations as required to extend full duplex monitoring and interception
•   Full warranty and support

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